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Let Yourself Sweat. Naturally.

I’ve recently made the switch to deodorant. Deodorant just gets rid of the smell of your sweat, whereas antiperspirant prevents you from sweating in the first place. Antiperspirant has been linked to cancer, since it clogs your pores by creating a blockage of waste and synthetic materials. When I made the switch to a natural deodorant, I realized for the first time what I actually smell like, lol. The first deodorant I tried was GEODEO, which I bought from Wal-Mart. It was the tropical breeze one or something, with the pink markings. It really sucked at preventing odor, but the thing is, I think it was excellent for detox, which is listed as one of its benefits. I think I stank so bad because it was detoxing all the clogged pores due to years of antiperspirant use. If you’re switching to deodorants, I recommend you try GEODEO or a detox variety for at least two months, and then switch to a better brand deodorant. Currently, I’m using TOMS LEMONGRASS NATURAL DEODORANT.



(UPDATE: this masks YOUR odour really well, but I’m not a fan of the lemon grass smell AT ALL. Will not repurchase this particular scent). I really like the smell of the stick, but it smells a bit different once it mixes with my sweat and isn’t as pleasant anymore. It still works well though and keeps odor at bay, though if you sweat heavily you will have to re-apply after two or three hours. (UPDATE: I didn’t get used to smelling like freaking grass. Smells great on the stick but again once the physiological process begins you smell like muddy earthy crap).

Sweating is a natural function of the human body which serves to detoxify and regulate the temperature of your body. If you prevent any part of your body from sweating, you are blocking an essential function and this will eventually lead to some negative side effects. Before I started using deodorant, I noticed that if I skipped showering for a few days (hey, it happens during finals), and just reapplied deodorant instead, I would get a tender soreness under my armpit, as if there was a lump there. I think it may have been a backed up lymphatic sack; it was unable to secrete sweat and I hadn’t showered to clear it out either, so it was essentially choking. But now, this never happens with my natural deodorant. Even if I skip the showers, my underarms never swell or feel tender anymore, since they can still sweat and expel waste.

It’s really worth looking into buying a natural deodorant. On days where you absolutely do not want to sweat, try antiperspirant and then switch back to the natural deodorant. Try to eliminate dependence on antiperspirant because it’s unnatural and blocks an important function of your body.

After I’m done with the Tom stick, I’ll be switching to some other natural deodorant. Maybe a different scent of the same brand. I didn’t have any averse reactions and the quality of the stick is great.