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The Wretched V-Neck

I will first of all say that there are a few (VERY FEW) exceptions in which a v-neck is bearable on a guy. Such exceptions include the v-neck either being very unnoticeable, or the wearer himself pulling something off to make it work (because some guys could even make a tutu work). Now, I’m not bashing on any guy out there who loves his v-necks. Pro-individuality man: wear the v-neck if you so will. I am just simply saying that I find it revolting in certain situations. Extra revolting situations include guys with a hairy chest + v-neck. I don’t know exactly why I find v-necks on guys in general so horrid; maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’ve always found v-necks to be a feminine thing. But then again, so was pink once. Maybe I just need to grow on it.